This online photography course will help you to learn how to shoot amazing and wow images, which will make you far different from average photographer and you will know how to make money, a lot of money through photography. 


1. This course explains and helps to learn tricky and hard DSLR concepts pretty easy way. For example:

  • How DSLR image taking process works, through easy animation

  • How view finder works, through easy animation

  • Why you should shoot in RAW Format ??

  • What is ISO?

  • What is Aperture?

  • Understanding Shutter Speed with Cool Explanation.

  • Cheat Sheet # Shutter speed and it's use cases. 

  • Chart # Sensor Size of Various Camera

  • Deep understanding of APS-C

  • Chart # Creative Mode Dial

  • Chart # Parts of DSLR (Nikon View)

  • Chart # Part of DSLR (Canon View)


2. You will master in lighting (Both natural and studio light)

  • Why lighting important in Photography?

  • Understanding natural light

  • Problems to shoot a photo in Mid-Day

  • Photography at Blue Hour

  • Photography at Golden Hour

  • You will understand direction light, how to compose light better to take a better shoot

  • 9 important points of photography

  • Reflector to shoot amazing photos

  • Cheat Sheet # Reflector

  • Diffuser to get rid of harsh light and harsh shadows


3. Shoot Cool Macro Photos

  • What is Macro Photography

  • B