Simple Tips for Taking Better Indoor Portraits Without Buying More Gear

Chris Niccolls and Jordan Drake over at DPReview TV have put together a helpful (and timely) primer that shows you how to take better indoor portraits using only natural light, and without needing to buy any additional photography gear.

If you’re already a professional or advanced amateur, these tips won’t apply to you. Not only have you already (hopefully) mastered natural light photography, but you probably own all the gear you need to create your own light as well. No, the tips here are for beginners and enthusiasts who want to up their indoor photography game without ordering reflectors, LED lights, or flashes in order to make it happen.

To that end, Niccolls covers some really helpful tips and topics, including:

  • When and why to use larger or smaller windows as your primary light source

  • How to use household items to create fill light, or negative fill for more dramatic shots

  • How to deal with busy, distracting backgrounds, even if you don’t have a fast lens

  • How to turn a window into a pure-white backdrop for dreamy portraits … and more

Check out the full video above to dive into each of the bullet points above in more detail, with plenty of sample photos for inspiration. As usual, Niccolls and Drake have created something that’s both informative and entertaining, without wasting any time getting to the point.

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