Make Interesting Photos From Uninteresting Scenes with 2 Easy Tips

Updated: Jun 9, 2018

Sometimes, there are not much interesting elements in a photograph: nothing’s moving, or it’s a scene without any strong subject or. How do we as a photographer make it interesting? Here are two tips to make that uninteresting photo just a bit more lively and interesting:

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1. Shoot the Details

One of the tips I learned as a young event photographer was to notice details. Details are be the most important part of a photograph, or in some cases the only part of a photo. If you look at the photo attached below, you will see the photo doesn't have any special element in it except for the clouds which are captured in great details and hence making it visually more appealing.

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But that is not the only thing you can try, which leads me to my next tip.

2. Try a Neutral Density Filter, Even If You Think You Don’t Have To

Using a strong ND Filter can also turn our ordinary images that anybody can get into something just a bit different.

With the ND filter, you will be able to get a 25-second exposure even in the daylight to create the image at the top of the post, where the water turns to a foggy mist. One of the side benefits of going this route (on a tripod of course) is that it enables you to use ISO 100 each time. This will give you a lot more flexibility in post to edit the photo as per your liking.

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If you’re considering the ND filter method, while the B+W filters I used are top-notch, there are other ways to go that don’t involve buying for every filter size you own. One option is to buy the largest size you have and use step-up rings that can offer more flexibility with ND and graduated ND filters with lenses of varying filter sizes.

What do you do when you are struggling to find an interesting subject?

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