How to Choose Your Perfect Camera

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

These days all of us own a camera that we carry around in our purses or pockets. Yes, it’s your very own smartphone! But when it comes to professional or a good grade photograph, that smartphone of yours might not do you justice. So if you are thinking of getting a nice and shiny camera for yourself, then you should first know what your needs are. Here we have given you some simple tips which should help you in your camera hunt. 1. Type of camera The first thing you need to consider is what kind of pictures interests you. Various models and kinds of the camera would give you different outcomes.

  • Point and shoot cameras: These are possibly a little outdated since the smartphones came into the picture. This being said, the one feature that is good in these cameras is the zoom lens. One kind that is preferred by some is the 'superzoom' like the Nikon P1000, which gives you good zooming power and is still compact. You also have the waterproof point and shoots, which actually have shorter zooms, but you can keep your camera safe as it is totally waterproof, and you need not worry about it while enjoying in a pool or a day at the beach.

  • Mirrorless cameras: These are more creative, have better performance, and give superior quality images as compared to point and shoots. At the same time, these are not as bulky as a DSLR. Various brands have various formats. The price range is also pretty wide, depending on the sensors and format. Those with larger sensors are pretty pricey but give a good performance.

  • DSLRs: These are probably around the same prices as the mirrorless. And also, you have a wide range from professional to consumer quality. A professional DSLR would obviously have better speed, image, quality, and extras as compared to the consumer level. One of the main advantages of a DSLR is the long battery life it provides. However, these are quite bulky and difficult to log around. Most of them in live view does not perform fast enough too.

2. Pricing Going for the most expensive model will not make you the best photographer. You need to consider your requirements, what kind of features you are looking for. This being said, it is always best to give yourself little room; so that if you intend to take up photography professionally, you have some extra features that you can rely on rather than going in for a new camera. 3. Megapixels

Just blindly looking at the camera specifications and choosing on the basis of megapixels will not work for you. The sensor's physical size also matters as it gives better image quality. For example, a point and shoot might have more pixels, but it cannot match up to a DSLR with a full-frame sensor. Larger sensors bring in more light and also have field control depth. This means better contrast and color.

4. Speed

Most cameras these days are fast. Interchangeable lens cameras give you better performance as they track subjects and focus faster. It would be best to go for a camera that has at least five frames fps (frames per second). This being said, depending on the need, you could go for 10 to 20 fps too. 5. Ergonomics This is probably not something that most buyers think of. However, it is quite an important point to consider – how heavy or light the camera feels, how it fits in your hands, are the menus and controls well organized and easy to use, is it well structured and feels logical to you and so on. Best would be to try out some models if you have the chance and then make your choice.

There are so many other points that you should be considered like whether you would like to go for the interchangeable lens, whether the model has image stabilization (which sometimes could cost you the image quality), optical or electronic viewfinders, whether you want to be shooting videos and so on. It is also a good idea to consider weatherproof models. We hope that the above article has given you some basics on cameras and you are able to find the right one for you. TAGS: #PERFECTCAMERA #CAMERA #DSLR #MIRRORLESS #WHATASHOT #WAS_IN


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