5 Pillars of Post-Processing : Every Photographer Must Know

Post-Processing the photographs has become quite popular these days and this is because of the advancement in the areas of software. There are several editing software that are made available to all photography enthusiasts.

There are a lot of reasons for one to post process the photographs and some of them are as follows:

  1. Showcasing the editing skills and creativity

  2. Adjust the photographs to fit the frame

  3. To remove the noise and unnecessary distortion

  4. Adjusting the brightness, contrast and saturation

  5. To make the photographs look perfect and presentable

Apart from all these things, there are many other things that one can do with the help of editing software but, one must always remember to first learn to capture the photographs with great precision and then post-process them.

Unless and until the photography skills are good, one cannot be called as a photographer. In addition to photography skills, it becomes quite essential to know some of the basic editing skills that could help you get a perfect picture. We have listed some of the most basic and easiest methods that can come handy to all those amateur photo editors when they are trying their hands on a photo editing software.

Do not get overwhelmed

One of the most important and must-remember thumb rule is not to get overwhelmed with the options that are available on an editing software. The options can catch your attention but, unless and until you have mastered it all, it is good to refrain from their application. Some of the options might make the photograph look extremely beautiful but, it may not have any similarities with the original photograph. Hence, one must ensure to learn all the options first and then using them in the photographs while processing.

Keep the editing appropriate

Editing is of course one of the greatest boons made possible to all the photographers. However, retaining the values of the original picture is very important. In order to make your photograph look beautiful you must not end up creating something that isn’t.

With the processing, the photographs might end up looking surreal but, that would never make you a photographer. Instead, it would make you a photo editor. Hence, one must understand the appropriate usage of the editing software.

Keep the subject in mind

Different kinds of editing are to be followed for different kinds of photography. For instance, if you are editing a landscape photograph, you must ensure that the surroundings are clearer and sharper. You must also ensure to keep the saturation levels to its optimum else, you may end up ruining the entire picture. When you are working on portrait photography, you must not work on retaining the values of the skin tone. Changing the color of the skin unnecessarily can kill the beauty of the photograph completely. However, a few modifications to the photographs are always a thing of joy because it makes the photograph look fantastic.


Introducing curves in the photographs can be an amazing thing to do because that would quickly separate the light levels of an image making it even. Only when the light adjustments are done right, the photograph would look balanced.

Healing tools like Dodge and Burn

One must ensure to use these tools as well when they are processing their photographs because when there are a lot of blemishes you may have to soften the images trying to remove them but, in the process one must make sure not to over use it. Anything done too much on a photograph can actually damage the entire photograph quickly.

Apart from these there are a lot of options that one can try using during the post-processing step. Despite knowing how to use them right, one must not stop experimenting with the options available because that is how we get to learn more about the editing software. It is also recommended to take a few online courses, read the materials online and also take classes from some of the experienced editors who would help you in understanding the options easily.



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