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What a Shot is one of the fastest growing online platform, a home for photography driven heads. We cover wide aspects of photography and its subtleties. We are determined to develop as one of the top sources for photography Tips & Tricks, News, Gear Reviews, Business Strategies, and Behind The Scenes, making it the top one-stop for all photography related prospects. We also host tutorials to grow your passion and skills.

With a team of creative professionals and social media managers, our ambition is to “Aspire Creativity In Photography” and help you build & grow with us faster, better, and achieve the zenith. Let’s learn so we can conquer the flaws and spend more time shooting and having fun.

What a Shot

What a shot is a learning platform started back in 2017 with an idea to curate and combine the passion for photography with learning and sharing opportunity for the budding photographers. Today, this community is among the fastest-growing photography platforms with more than 60,000 members all across the globe.


Wanderers on Earth

Dilated the What a Shot community with Wanderers On Earth, a specially dedicated platform for travel lovers, to aspire the young talents to learn and discover the world through our experiences. Over the past 2 years, this community has grown tremendously. Today we have around 42,000 members just on Instagram only.

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